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The last time we saw the RaKKoon Gang, those little fellows were crashing Bucky’s kitchen and causing a disruption to the annual block party. It had been a few months since that fiasco occurred in suburbia. Of course, Bucky the bucktooth boy was still upset and continued on his mission to catch the critters.   What Bucky didn’t expect was that he would have a bit of quiet for a moment. It wasn’t because of his witty traps; it was because Hatz the leader of the crew finally got his wish. The RaKKoon Gang were heading to the city.

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The RaKKoon Gang, Spring Cleaning, is the first of several RaKKoon Gang stories. These little guys are up to no good, but they call it survival! The neighborhood folks do not agree of course. There are plenty RaKKoon Gangs around. They are in suburbia, rural areas, and the city! I bet you can find a RaKKoon Gang near you!

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The RaKKoon Gang, Block Party is a continuation of The RaKKoon Gang series. The gang is still up to their same old tricks and plan to cause havoc on the up-and-coming neighborhood block party.  They are planning for their new heist and the racoons even have the inside scoop on Bucky the Buck tooth boy. What a twist this will bring to our story. Have you caught your RaKKoon Gang in the act yet?

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Meet The RaKKoon Gang



He is:

The leader of the RaKKoon Gang, curious, brave, and very mischievous


Favorite things:

  • Hats of course

  • Traveling and exploring

Right Hand Man:  Eaty Greedy



He is:

Funny, strong and fast

Favorite things:

  • Bandanas

Best Friend:  Eaty Greedy

eaty greedy_edited.png


He is:

Quick, smart and fun loving


Favorite things:

  • Hot Dogs

Best Friend:  Hatz and Phatz



He is:

Funny and Strong


Favorite things:

  • All Food

Best Friend:  Eaty Greedy


BUCKY aka The Bucktooth Boy

He is:

Curious and obessed with catching the RaKKoon Gang

Favorite things:

  • Video Games

Best Friend:  Gamer Dog