Design Book


- Nico S. Adams, Author/Illustrator-

Nico S. Adams believes that having an optimistic attitude and faith in yourself will result in a positive outcome. She believes that dreams do come true and that "The world can't move if people stand still". You have to dream big and have a vivid imagination.   Follow your heart, be diligent and don't be discouraged. 

My Inspiration...

I love to make people smile, so why not do it with children's books. Children are fun and they have an open mind about life. They often influence their parents and grandparents to think outside of the box and live a little. They keep us young and fresh minded. My biggest inspiration comes from my son. He is eager to share his ideas and thoughts with me. His creative and animated mind keeps me on my toes. I hope you follow your dreams. The world indeed will be a happier place.

-Caiden Adams, Co-Illustrator -