The RaKKoon Gang Meets the City


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About The RaKKoon Gang

The RaKKoon Gang, Spring Cleaning, is the first of several RaKKoon Gang stories. These little guys are up to no good, but they call it survival! The neighborhood folks do not agree of course. There are plenty RaKKoon Gangs around. They are in suburbia, rural areas, and the city! I bet you can find a RaKKoon Gang near you!


Ingenious!  What a great idea to capture those little critters planning their mischievous food heists and creating havoc for the neighbors to clean up.  The book is both funny and witty!  Great short storybook to engage children in while reading it.  Also awesome for adults to read because most can relate to the humor of them planning their attack.  I also liked the hand drawn artwork included in the story.  I definitely recommend the book for all ages to read. 


I really enjoyed this book, very funny and entertaining. I loved the RaKKoons and buck tooth Bucky(my favorite character). Spring Cleaning, the RaKKoons were really eager and excited about the darkness and lateness to come. They were like kids at Christmas, waiting for morning to open their gifts. The RaKKoons were looking forward to having a feast, this was like our Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to them. Bucky is out to get them but poor Bucky couldn't stay awake although he tried. The morning after, Bucky would be cleaning up behind the RaKKoons. Garbage would be scattered and us humans, will not be happy. This is a book for children but will be enjoyed by anyone who reads it. I am over 60 years old and I enjoyed it. The RaKKoons exhibit animal like behavior with a mix of human like relationships. You will be surprised at how good this small book is. The drawings are excellent.

I loved this book! It was a cute twist on a not so cute situation that many of us have dealt with in our very own neighborhoods. Looking forward to reading the next installment!


An absolutely hilarious story, that grabs your attention from the start. My favorite character is Phatz. Can't wait to see what these rascals get into next


Doris Trawick